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Tarun Bharat : Solapur, Marathi News

easycapture2“Tarun Bharat” : Solapur, Marathi News is the Marathi news Website of Solapur Tarun Bharat Media Ltd. Solapur, A wellknown Marathi Newspaper of Maharashtra. This site is developed by Amar Puranik. Amar Puranik is webdeveloper and the Journalist of Maharashtra’s wellknown and 90 years old newspaper “Tarun Bharat”. He is the subeditor of Tarun Bharat, and the editor of tarun bharat’s most readed and popular supplement “Aasmant”
This site containt Marathi news and articles written by senior writer.
Go To This Site…. http://tarunbharat.org/
The aim of starting of blogs and sites is Patriotism. Being a journalist I must make aware all of indians on every positive and negative things happen in country and with the country. Looking back the great history ancient culture of india, todays indians situation is very bad. In this situation patriotic people, thinkers, activitists can do for the Greater Nation.
In those days people reading less newspapers and Internet Media is becoming popular. As per the requirement of new millenniums new generation I am trying to become a source of knowledge as well as make them aware of the New Ans Facts.

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