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Welcome! We are website designer, developer's based in Solapur (Maharashtra), India. From 2010. we’ve been helping businesses, like yours, succeed on the internet. We’ve achieved this by designing websites and Newsportal sites that are both visually outstanding and easy-to-use for you and your customers.

SEO & Social Media

We also provide an incredible SEO (search engine optimisation) service to promote your website in search engines to produce a huge amount of targeted visitors (customers!) to your site. Social Media Marketing is the promotion of your products, services via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to improve online presence.

Support and Resistance

We believe in providing the best possible customer service for you and all of our clients. A dedicated consultant will listen to your needs and give good, honest advice on how your site should look and function. You’ll also have access to an experienced support team who’ll be happy to give you continue help, even after your site has been launched.
Founder and owner of Marathi News WebsiteI am Amar Puranik from Solapur. I am a Journalist and Webdeveloper. Working with Maharashtra’s well known Marathi Daily newspaper “TARUN BHARAT” Solapur as a Sub-Editor. *”HINDUSTHAN SAMACHAR” Nationwide Multilingual News Services as a Solapur district corrospondent.  I am also a webdeveloper. I have daveloped news sites, business sites, blogs and so on. By Qualification I Am Electronics Engineer But By Profession I am a Journalist. Marathi Articles written on : Current topics, National Issues, Maharashtra Issues, Solapur Issues, Solapur Industries Development, Hindusthani Classical Music, Indian Astrology, Science And Technology, Hinduism, Corruption, Social issues.

Eye-catching web design

We’ve got the skills & understanding to create you an attractive, user-friendly website that you’ll be proud to promote. We’ve created successful websites over the years for clients in a diverse range of market sectors. With the experience and knowledge we’ve gained from these projects, we’re confident we can help you. Every site we create has you and your customers in mind. It’s not just about creating a good-looking design; it’s about making the user experience on your website as comfortable and intuitive as possible. Support every step of the way. We’re a friendly bunch here at SiteWizard and our main goal is to build a long term partnership by listening to your needs and creating your successful website. A personal approach is essential for a good working relationship, so we’ll assign a dedicated consultancy which will support you throughout the creation of your site and give good advice, even after your website has been launched. The majority of our work comes from recommendations by clients who are happy with the service they received, so our honest, friendly approach must be working. Ok so your new website may not come with a Army Knife, but we will equip you with everything you’ll need for a successful online presence. Websites come in most of highest tecnology! Whether it's for a Newspapers, Newsportals, Magazines or Hotel, Hospital, company's and so on...

Social Media Service

Most business people knows Social Media Marketing, but because of the time overhead, very few are embracing it as a strategy. Social Media Marketing is the promotion of your products or services like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to improve your online presence. A common misconception is that social media marketing is all about getting new customers from Twitter, Facebook etc. This is only a small part of the strategy. The most important benefits from an embedded social media campaign. Enhance your trustworthiness - You will see an increase in your website conversion rates. People are re-assured by the presence of a regularly updated Twitter feed on a website. It shows professionalism, authority and clearly displays that your site is “open for business”. Brand recognition and repeat exposure - It is said of traditional advertising that a potential customer has to see your advert seven times before taking any action. This is your opportunity to get your brand under your potential clients noses without being pushy. Getting ahead of your competitors - Do your competitors use social media? Most of your competitors will probably not be doing a good job of embracing social media, so this is your chance to race ahead. Improve your authority - When people see you have a busy social network, they will associate with your website and you.

SEO Service

Getting your website up to the dizzy heights in Google is no easy task. We like to think of it as a mountain climb, only this mountain doesn't just come with a great view at the top, it comes with a significant reward. It is not easy for a website to occupy a place on the first page of any search engine without the help of best SEO services. Therefore, search engine optimization has become the need of the present competitive business era, as this helps people to accelerate their online business by offering the website good Google ranking and potential traffic.

Writters, Journalist, Media

I am working in the field of media-print and electronic included-related multidimensional activities. We provide good articles and content in Marathi, Hindi and English for newspapers, magazines and websites. Apart from pooling and disseminating news, we are active in organizing seminars on subjects of national and social importance, analyzing contemporary events, interviewing social leaders and thinkers, furnishing studied feature articles by eminent column writers. We have a great team of eminent journalists, writers, poets on different fields.

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उत्तुंग यशाचं घर जमिनीवर

उत्तुंग यशाचं घर जमिनीवर

चिंतन : अमर पुराणिक | पाच राज्यातील विधानसभा निवडणुकीत भारतीय जनता पक्षाने जो अभूतपुर्व विजय मिळवला तो विजय म्हणजे…

भारतीय जनतेचा युद्धक्षोभ

भारतीय जनतेचा युद्धक्षोभ

•चौफेर : अमर पुराणिक• तर  देशवासीयहो! चिंता करु नका! युद्ध तर मोदी सरकार सत्तेत आल्यानंतरच सुरु झाले आहे. कदाचित…

मोदी सरकारचे पुर्वेकडील समुद्रीसाहस

मोदी सरकारचे पुर्वेकडील समुद्रीसाहस

•चौफेर : अमर पुराणिक• या दोन्ही शिखर संमेलनापुर्वी पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र मोदी यांनी जो व्हिएतनाम दौरा करण्याचा निर्णय घेतला तो…

उर्जित पटेल यांची निवड आणि आव्हाने

उर्जित पटेल यांची निवड आणि आव्हाने

•चौफेर : अमर पुराणिक• स्थिर किंमतींबरोबरच सरकारद्वारा निर्धारित उच्च अभिवृद्धी दर प्राप्त करण्यासाठी सरकारशी योग्य ताळमेळ साधत पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र…